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Letter to a Philosophy Professor About My Book

To: Prof. Nicholas Wernicki

September 9, 2014 9:32 AM

Hi Nick,

This reply comes embarrassingly late -- about 6 months after your kind and detailed message, which I appreciate. I recently had my publisher send you a free copy of my book THE END OF UNBELIEF: A New Approach to the Question of God. Did you receive it?

You're a busy professor, and I understand your not having time to review the book.  (You said: "I only publish reviews in peer reviewedacademic journals and Christian apologetics is a bit outside of my field.

Letter to the Widow of a Valued Friend

September 8, 2014
Dear Pat,
I'm terribly sorry to hear of Dick's death, a crushing and irreparable loss to you, I know.  He was one of my great benefactors: gave me my first job as an editor when no one else would.  I had no background in writing or editing; wasn't even an English major, because my father had a business and pressed me to prepare for a career in it.  Dick liked the writing in my unusual resume.  He taught me the ropes, admired my work, then promoted me to head of a small department with the impressive title Executive Editor.

Author Reflects on His New Book: Tells a Friend WHY

Hi Jim,
There's some optical illusion here.  The floodgates haven't quite opened.  The publisher of my novelThe Last Dreamgirldecided at the last minute, when the book was about to go into production, that they would have a better sale if that book followed the publication ofThe End of Unbelief(nonfiction) and could "piggyback" (her term) on the anticipated success of that book, which would provide a publicity platform for the novel.  So the novel won't come out till next spring.